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About PIC® Skates

Before Skating, always
  1. Check your equipment for wear, replace pic or other parts as needed.
  2. Be certain set screws are in place after rotating or replacing pic.
  3. Perform stretching exercises before putting on your skates.

When Skating, always
  1. Wear a helmet and other protective gear.
  2. Practice slowing and stopping in a safe area.
  3. Be aware of surroundings. Clear skating area of debris before practicing.
  4. Be courteous of others.
  5. Announce passing intentions.
  6. Look for open space to skate.
  7. Exercise control.
  8. Enjoy skating!

Questions & Answers

Question: How does it work?
Answer: Works like an ice skate (no hockey stops or forward "Ts").

Question: Can I buy the frame set and mount it to my skating boots?
Answer: Yes, there are 4 frame models to choose from:
4 Wheel Frame
1. Professional - Model 994
2. Performer - Model 894
The 4 wheel frame is recommended for sizes 9.75 and larger.

3 Wheel Frame
1. Professional - P-73
2. Performer - P-53
The 3 wheel frame is recommended for sizes 9.25 and smaller.

Question: How do I know what size skate outfit to buy?
Answer: Send or fax a tracing of each foot done in the standing position and we will apply that measurement to our size chart.  Also, state your street shoe size.

Question: Will I get edges like an ice skate?
Answer: Yes, you will experience inside, center and outside edges.

Question: How do I know what size frame set to buy?
Answer: Using a cloth measuring tape, measure the sole length (toe to heel) on the boot you intend to mount the PIC® Frames to. Subtract 1/4" and order that or the next size smaller. PIC® Frames come in 10 sizes:  7.25", 7.50", 8.25", 8.75", 9.25", 9.75", 10.25", 10.75", 11.37" and 12.12".

Question: Will I be able to do one footed spins on PIC® Skates?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Will I be able to do jumps on PIC® Skates?
Answer: Yes.  All edge and toe jumps are performed on PIC® Skates up through double axel as well as back flips.

Question: Will I be able to do footwork maneuvers on PIC® Skates?
Answer: Yes.  Virtually every maneuver such as Ina Bauers, three turns, brackets, rockers, eagles, choctaws, etc., can be performed on PIC® Skates.

Question: Can I attach PIC® Frames to my plastic inline boots?
Answer: Yes, however you will need a spacer for the heel. We recommend you have your local skate shop make the installation.

The PIC®Skate Company

History of the Pic® skate
The Pic® skate was invented by sporting goods designer John Petell, of West Springfield, Massachusetts in collaboration with master rated ice figure skating coach, Nick Perna of Fairfax, Virginia.

The patent for the Pic skate was issued September 27, 1997. In all, 23 claims were granted by the patent examiner, but the key element to the Pic® and all such skates is the toe pic angle (pic to front wheel to floor).

Inventions to replicate ice skating on dry land date back to the late 19th century. The contemporary development of inline skates, commonly referred to as rollerblades, led to the development of the Pic® skate.

The Pic® skate invention has led to the new sport of Inline Figure Skating with open competitions in Paris, Geneva, Milan, Bucharest, Panticosa, Cork, Montpellier, Chicago . . .

The Pic® skate invention has broad application. It is used to teach beginners as well as recreational skaters.

PIC Skate

2010 Paris Open
Paris 2010

2010 Team USA with Jean-Pierre Faugere
2010 Team USA

Gold Medalists 2009 Paris Open
Gold Medalists 2009 Paris Open

Phyllis McKenzie: WIFSA Romania 2013
Compliments Aleem Photography

Phyllis 2012 Worlds Paris
Phyllis McKenzie of Westminster, Maryland, coached by Nick Perna
Compliments Aleem Photography

Phyllis McKenzie - 2010 Paris Open

Cork Figure Skating Association

Anthony Morazzani

Vitaliy Opekan

Pattinaggio Creativo per Make Music Milan 2014

Virginia Ice Theatre

American Ice Theatre
Bom Bom Bom

Urban Skater
Liadian Emmert (10 years old)


2013 WIFSA World Open in Bucharest
2013 WIFSA World Open

left to right

Phyllis McKenzie Gold - Senior Ladies
Lynette Carol Silver - Junior Ladies
Talib Aleem Silver - Adult Men's

Figure skaters can skate without ice (Video)
Figure skaters are always looking for ways to train off the ice. Traditional quad roller skates are very hard for ice skaters to transition to, but inline skates have changed things so that ice skaters can skate on wheels.

The PICŪ Skate Company has become a leader in the
inline figure skating industry.
Courtesy of examiner.com

2012 World Champion Marine of Montipilier France
Marine Labro of Montpillier France coached by Cathy Marcastel
Compliments Aleem Photography

Wifsa World Open 2011 Competitors
View the medalists!
Wifsa World Open 2011 Competitors

Fernand Fedronic - Wifsa World Open 2011
Fernand Fedronic


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